Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Glee Project Awards

While I was looking forward to writing about Masterchef or Hell's Kitchen this week, it was all reruns. I don't really understand this. The competition hasn't even ended yet, and they're already showing reruns? It's really inconvenient and annoying, to say the least. So without my usual shows, I went ahead and watched the Glee Project, although I lost all faith in the show last season when they gave Alex a part, but hey, when everything else is a rerun or boring, I guess I'll take any Glee action to hold me over. At least it was easier to watch than Smash, which honestly, was sometimes hard to watch. It took me a few minutes to learn who was who, but by the end, I was somehow invested in the show, even though Ryan Murphy again made one of those head scratching eliminations, although I guess at least this time, I could see the reasoning.

1. The Shanna Award-Okay, I understood by the end of the episode that Shanna has been a front runner all season, but she was still eliminated by Ryan Murphy. First, she blamed Michael for their group getting bad feedback because apparently, she doesn't get bad feedback. Second, she wasn't natural in the video shoot, and that got her sent to the bottom three. Third, she messed up the words to Stronger, which turned me off as that's my favorite Kelly Clarkson song. Finally, she said she would be the athletic girl who was involved in everything if she was on Glee, which honestly is not interesting at all.

This is going to be the Bulls next season. They'll be a front runner all season, but they'll fall a little short of the NBA Finals. Honestly, they completely depend on Derrick Rose, who isn't going to be back by the start of the season. Their system will likely get them to the playoffs at least, but what happens after that is anyone's guess. Also, just a personal note, the Bulls aren't very interesting to watch. When I watch them, I really admire them, but I don't enjoy watching them. Their highlight reel is basically Derrick Rose doing his thing. Without him, I don't see much of a reason to watch them.

2. The Blake Award- Apparently, Blake is also a front runner. He struggled with harmonies and came under fire from Ryan Murphy for being too confident and having no nerves. I know that Ryan Murphy's looking for interesting people, but when "not being vulnerable" is your main complaint, you have to be nit picking at that point. Still, the whole episode, he seemed like the most confident other than Shanna and I got flashes of Cameron Mitchell, who was also criticized for being too comfortable with himself, which as far as I know, is a good thing.

This is going to go to the Heat. They were the front runners for next year even before they got Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, who is an incredible fit for their plan to play position-less. All year, we'll be having to nit pick to really find anything wrong with them. They have to be confident because they won the Finals this year and their confidence will be sky high. Realistically, they'll probably repeat, although my heart is telling me that the Suns can turn it around with Dragic leading the way to a championship. You never know, the Suns play like a team and Wesley Johnson could be good. But enough about the Suns, on to the next award.

3. The Alylin Award- She did completely mess up on her last chance performance for Ryan Murphy, but luckily, she could actually be an interesting character. Although she forgot the words to her song, I agree that she should not have been eliminated. But then again, out of all of the contestants, I was the most indifferent although I did acknowledge that she was interesting.

This is going to be the Nuggets. They piqued my curiosity when they played the Lakers incredibly hard in the first round, but in all honesty, they're also the team I'm the most indifferent about besides the Bucks. They are an interesting team though, and I'll probably keep tabs on them, if only to get weekly updates about JaVale. I think that they could actually be a dangerous team, just like Alylin, who actually could get on Glee, if only because Ryan Murphy can envision her character already.

4. The Lily Award- Although I had no idea who was who when I first started watching yesterday, I honestly couldn't help but root for Lily. I did feel a little sorry for her when she was waiting for Blake to even look at her, but he went ahead and chose Ali to be his partner. On the bright side, she is now the best studio singer, and along with Ali and Michael, was safe. However, as much as I rooted for her, I guess she isn't that popular with most people, but based on what I saw this week, I wanted to root for her.

This is going to go to the Celtics. I know for a fact that I won't be able to keep myself from rooting for them, even if they won't be a popular team overall. I think they will safely make the playoffs, and could be a dark horse candidate to make the Eastern Conference Finals. I did feel a little sorry for them when Ray Allen picked the Heat, but then again, it didn't really seem like they wanted him back, so they don't really deserve him. Still, I really want to root for them, especially Jared Sullinger. He's got developed skills and I appreciate big men who are fundamentally sound and don't rely on athleticism. I can see him averaging ten points and five rebounds a game, if he gets put in, that is.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Masterchef/Pre-Season Awards

With this week of Masterchef, there was a lot of material to use for awards.
1. The David Martinez/Josh Award- Goes to the Nets! Bear with me. This week, David came out gangbusters with his cevice and then promptly ran out of steam with his rice pudding. Not only did he get to talk with the judges earlier on for advice, but Becky even helped him out after he forgot the rice for the rice pudding. Didn't matter because he turned in a terrible dish. Josh meanwhile just made it back onto Masterchef and let everyone know that they should be scared of him, but he still had an underwhelming dessert.

The Nets have come out gangbusters as well this season, with a new location, Deron Williams, and somehow making everyone forget that they only won 33% of their games last year with Deron Williams on their team. This has traces of the Miami Marlins, who are now in the middle of a fire sale after everyone was convinced during the offseason that they would be competing for the NL East from their change in scenery and big free agent acquisitions.

2. The Frank Award- With the judges praising Becky this week, it's easy to forget that Frank has been tearing it up the past few weeks. But he's still going strong, only no one seems to remember.

I have to give this to the Spurs. They are always underestimated, and this year will be no different. They brought back everyone who made their run last season possible, and should make another deep, but unnoticed playoff run.

3. The Felix Award-I really think the judges were too harsh on Felix. Honestly, she's had a pretty strong competition thus far, but gets sent home over one dish that wasn't even the worst of the night? I think she really got the short end of the stick because she was one day late to cook her way back onto the show.

This is going to go to Russell Westbrook. If people were criticizing him last year, wait until this year. I can see way too much of the blame going to him, even though he played as hard as he could and as smart as a 23 year old should be expected to. I really think it is all unwarranted, and that he should be praised for his killer mentality during the Finals. Maybe he didn't make all of the important shots, but at least he wasn't afraid to take them. Skills are acquired, but personalities are not. Either you have the mentality, or you don't. Westbrook's mentality is there, and he deserves more credit than he will get.

4. The Becky Award-She's really stepping up her game right now. She had glimpses, but I don't think she ever started taking control until this week. She might be the most talented chef on the show, and now she's starting to show that.

This has to go the LeBron. He's shown glimpses of greatness, but it was not until the Finals that he realized it. At this point, he has to take over the league, he just has to. There's no way that you can end the season he did, and have a disappointing season next year. He is going to take over, no doubt.

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