Thursday, July 26, 2012

Masterchef/Pre-Season Awards

With this week of Masterchef, there was a lot of material to use for awards.
1. The David Martinez/Josh Award- Goes to the Nets! Bear with me. This week, David came out gangbusters with his cevice and then promptly ran out of steam with his rice pudding. Not only did he get to talk with the judges earlier on for advice, but Becky even helped him out after he forgot the rice for the rice pudding. Didn't matter because he turned in a terrible dish. Josh meanwhile just made it back onto Masterchef and let everyone know that they should be scared of him, but he still had an underwhelming dessert.

The Nets have come out gangbusters as well this season, with a new location, Deron Williams, and somehow making everyone forget that they only won 33% of their games last year with Deron Williams on their team. This has traces of the Miami Marlins, who are now in the middle of a fire sale after everyone was convinced during the offseason that they would be competing for the NL East from their change in scenery and big free agent acquisitions.

2. The Frank Award- With the judges praising Becky this week, it's easy to forget that Frank has been tearing it up the past few weeks. But he's still going strong, only no one seems to remember.

I have to give this to the Spurs. They are always underestimated, and this year will be no different. They brought back everyone who made their run last season possible, and should make another deep, but unnoticed playoff run.

3. The Felix Award-I really think the judges were too harsh on Felix. Honestly, she's had a pretty strong competition thus far, but gets sent home over one dish that wasn't even the worst of the night? I think she really got the short end of the stick because she was one day late to cook her way back onto the show.

This is going to go to Russell Westbrook. If people were criticizing him last year, wait until this year. I can see way too much of the blame going to him, even though he played as hard as he could and as smart as a 23 year old should be expected to. I really think it is all unwarranted, and that he should be praised for his killer mentality during the Finals. Maybe he didn't make all of the important shots, but at least he wasn't afraid to take them. Skills are acquired, but personalities are not. Either you have the mentality, or you don't. Westbrook's mentality is there, and he deserves more credit than he will get.

4. The Becky Award-She's really stepping up her game right now. She had glimpses, but I don't think she ever started taking control until this week. She might be the most talented chef on the show, and now she's starting to show that.

This has to go the LeBron. He's shown glimpses of greatness, but it was not until the Finals that he realized it. At this point, he has to take over the league, he just has to. There's no way that you can end the season he did, and have a disappointing season next year. He is going to take over, no doubt.

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